Monday, May 28, 2012

Hadley Anne was about eight months old when the photo for this painting was taken.  She has lost most of the floppy-I an going to take flight look-that she had then, but she is as happy as ever today, a few months later.  Have a lot to learn about painting portraits, but it is fun to be able to capture something of an expression.


  1. Anne,
    Alicia sent me this. I LOVE IT! You did a great job capturing one of Hadley's adorable expressions. She is lucky to have such a talented grandma, i'm sure she will be proud of you!
    Terry, the other grandma :)

    1. Thanks Grandma Terry,
      Hadley certainly is adorable and changing all the time. Not so sure that Dan likes the painting. He saw it in its first stages, so maybe he will reconsider. She is such a good natured little child. We will be sitting her in two weeks while mom and dad go to a Tiger's game. Yeah!
      Thanks for commenting,