When I retired from the Detroit Public Schools as a special education teacher, I was looking for direction.  Would I do art as I had always wanted to do or would I seek to serve in some other way?  I showed my calligraphy portfolio to a 'senior advisor' and she slammed it shut, saying, 'Time to do 3-D.'  I had never heard of 'found objects' or assemblages.  I was about to learn.  I put together a box that told the story of the Girl with 100 Dresses incorporating my calligraphy skills.  I bravely entered it in a show at the BBAA and it sold for a whooping $1,100.  I had a new vocation!  Since then, I have sold a number of my 3-D pieces and had a show at 212 Arts Center Fall 2009.
Mother Shrine
Paris-Womens' Issues
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Father of Nations
Italy and Food
Italy and Food II